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11 February 2010 @ 07:21 pm
From Tokio Hotel themselves… Watch Out – Imposter! – Sometimes we get reports from fans that there are people out there who pretend to be Bill, Tom, Gustav or Georg in chat rooms or on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please keep in mind that anyone who pretends to be Bill, Tom, Gustav or Georg is always an imposter! None of the guys have personal profiles on social networking sites and they also do not visit any chat rooms…
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11 February 2010 @ 07:17 pm

Tokio Hotel is going to give a concert at a secret location for just a couple hundred fans. Anyone in the world can enter except you have to get to Portugal to board the plane which will take you to the secret location. The Optimus Secret show will be on February 20th.

Here is how to enter:
Show us that we are the biggest fan of Tokio Hotel and guarantee your place. Make a video, a music interpretation, show us your collection of the band’s products, that is, be creative and show us that it’s YOU that deserve a place in our plane. Your participation should be send to optimus.lounge@gmail.com until Tuesday, February 16, 2010, at 11:59PM. The concert will be February 20th in a secret location that you will be flown to… imagine, a plane filled with other fans!

For the latest updates about this contest, news is being gathered here are the Official Fanclub forum.


All credit to THA (Tokio Hotel America
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09 February 2010 @ 12:57 pm

Best twins on holiday ever!

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09 February 2010 @ 10:09 am

Bahaha, i laughed when i saw this one.

Dennis K. (left): He says, that Bill Kaulitz (right), stole his girlfriend Pinky (middle).

09 February 2010 @ 10:08 am
I bring you sexy twins goodness

Pics from Dsquared backstage:

09 February 2010 @ 10:04 am
I'm Back! Sorry for the long break. I was busy with finals.

Tokio Hotel werden bei der Optimus Secret Show (am 20.02.2010) sein!

Tokio Hotel will be on the Optimus Secret Show on 20th February!

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20 January 2010 @ 12:13 pm

Wow! This is really getting all around the world. Our bb is fierce and superfamous.
Bill Kaulitz Models For DSquared2 Fashion Show
Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz rocked the runway during the DSquared2 Milan Menswear Autumn/Winter 2010 show on January 19, 2010 in Milan, Italy. Bill Kaulitz was dressed-up like an extraterrestrial creature. His arrived to the stage on a exotic elevator. Once Bill hit the runway it was straight business and he charmed the crowd in designer clothing, as if he was waiting to do this his whole life. Dsquared2 are set to outfit the band for Tokio’s upcoming tour. Apparently the designers will create five custom-made outfits for Bill! Will this be the start to Bill Kaulitz modeling career?

Group Hug | Dsquared, D&G, Giorgio Armani and Z Zegna

MILAN — The men’s shows here ended with four radically different points of view. At Dsquared, Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel, led a gang of bloodied, bare-chested hockey players — leaving some wondering whether the N.H.L. should consider a uniform of patent leather shorts, destroyed jeans with dangling chains and silver mesh tees. For D&G, the sport of choice was skiing, which provided a nifty excuse to layer the chunky knits, oversize parkas and furry hats that have been so prevalent. Giorgio Armani, on the other hand, kept his loose, fluid tailoring clean, though he did accessorize every look with bookish glasses and berets. And Z Zegna closed the week with snazzy suits with exposed seams, the better to reveal the quality and precision of the house’s sartorial skills. Take a look at our slide show and tell us who you think capped off Milan best.
Source: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2...i-and-z-zegna/

New York Times Magazine- Dsquared² show Bill's parts
Yahoo! China exclusive: on January 19, 2010(local time), the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz presented the perfect equilibrium between the realm of fashion and music. Bill, together with his twin brother, Tom Kaulitz, was invited to attend the Milan fashion week.

As the distinguished guest of the opening of Dsquared, the runway show of Bill Kaulitz was just breathtaking. With black leather pants, glorious feathers on shoulder straps, he was descending from sky as if he were a dark angel. Well what am I gonna say? A piece of marvelous work of art was presented on the stage! His appearance just made those models in outdated hockey t-shirts and tacky Oxford pink shirts very, very embarrassing. The elevator came to a stop, he opened the cage. As soon as he stepped out gracefully, the audience applauded. And, one of the audience, his twin brother Tom Kaulitz, also applauded sincerely for him, with a huge smile on face. The foreign mainstream media all contended that Bill Kaulitz presented a stunning fashion show every time he appeared in public. This time, however, he really acted as a model of the fashion week as if he were an innate model. His confident and composed steps, his every gesture and every smile almost made every model on spot fade immediately. Conclusion: Bill Kaulitz doesn’t need model training at all!

Bill, however, said in the following interview that he was still a little nervous although his twin brother was waiting for him off the runway. Nevertheless, he himself also enjoyed the show and he thought that it was full of pleasure, therefore he anticipated more cooperation with the fashion world. Tom also told the journalists that he was so proud of his younger brother. Bill can always bring us surprises.

After the fashion show, Bill, together with his twin brother Tom, hurried to the Z Zegna fashion show. They sat on the first row with the famous Chinese actor, Deng Chao.

English Translation thanks: Bricy @ Tokio Hotel Official Chinese Fanclub
Source: Yahoo China http://ent.cn.yahoo.com/10-01-/322/2a8a8.html

Bill Kaulitz: Fan Favorite

He has always been kind to his loyal following, and Bill Kaulitz was spotted showing his fans some love on Monday (January 18).

The Tokio Hotel frontman was all smiles as he greeted some eager guys and gals while milling around Milan, Italy.

Bill has been in town as part of the Dsquared2 fashion show where he and his brother both took the stage as models earlier this week.

Of the experience, Kaulitz explained, “I was really nervous beforehand. Bill and his bandmates will all be donning Dsquared2 duds on their upcoming Humanoid tour, described as a “robotic, futuristic sci-fi extravaganza.”

Celebrity Gossip

Enjoy the pictures of Bill Kaulitz out greeting fans in Milan (Jan 18).


Also it's been said that the Twins are supposed to be at the Jan 21-Fashion Cocktail of Tom Rebl -Berlin


Auch zu seinem „Fashion Cocktail“ am morgigen Donnerstag am Rande der Berliner Fashion Week haben einige Promis ihr Kommen angekündigt: das deutsche Topmodel Nadja Auermann, Tokio Hotel, Fotograf Manuel Cortez, Topmodel Werner Schreyer und Schauspielerin Drew Barrymore.


Even his "fashion cocktail" tomorrow, Thursday on the outskirts of Berlin Fashion Week a few celebrities have announced their attendance: the German top model Nadja Auermann, Tokio Hotel, photographer Manuel Cortez, Werner Schreyer top model and actress Drew Barrymore.
Tom Rebls's twitter

is Tokio Hotel comming to my cocktail on thursday in Berlin? ;-)
I will keep you updated as this all unfolds.
19 January 2010 @ 03:51 pm

All of this is from THA please credit them and the people who took the pics/videos!!!!!!!!All photos are being uploaded into our THA photobucket as fast as we can, browse following link to see them. Including HQ!

Screencaps Z Zegna show by llewyne

Screencaps of Brisant Video by roxygirl678

Screencaps of Brisant, RCD, Z Zegna Backstage videos by Evelyn


Fashion Times Magazine - Dsquared Fashion show 2010/2011

Bill & Tom Kaulitz ZZegna Fashion Show by JustBored

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Backstage Z Zegna Fashion Show

Brisant TV - Catwalk Bill

RCD - Kaulitz Twins Interview + Bill's Catwalk!

Bill on the runway

Twins arriving at the Dsquared2 boutique in Milan


Womens Wear Daily - Twin Power Backstage at Dsquared
Spoiler: show
Twin Power Backstage at Dsquared

TO THE POWER OF TWO: “Twin power is in the house!” Dan Caten exclaimed backstage at Dsquared as Tokio Hotel’s twin band members, Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz, mingled with designing siblings Dean and Dan Caten.

“I was really nervous beforehand,” confessed Tokio’s lead singer Bill Kaulitz, who opened the fashion show in skinny leather jeans and a feathered cape. Following a “bit of partying,” the German rock group will return to the studio to prepare its forthcoming Humanoid tour – “a robotic, futuristic sci-fi extravaganza,” Kaulitz assured.

Dsquared are set to outfit the band, first noticed by the Catens at an MTV awards show. The designers will create five custom-made outfits for Bill Kaulitz, while the rest of the band will don pieces from the designer’s regular collection.

As teenage groupies screamed outside the show venue, Bill Kaulitz explained it takes him an hour to get ready in the morning – including that Manga-esque hairstyle. “You’re quick baby, just like us,” quipped Caten.

Hercules Magazine - low quality video Bill on the runway

Blog de la tele - Bill Kaulitz impactó en DESFILE de MODA MILÁN

Ocean Up - Bill Kaulitz DSQUARED2 BLACK ANGEL

AJC.com - Cozy styles warm up winter fashion

celebuzz.com - Tokio Hotel Guy Still A Total Weirdo

GQ Magazine USA - Dsquared²

Neon Limelight - Tokio Hotel Frontman Bill Kaulitz Takes Milan By Storm At DSquared2 Show

NY Times - Special Report: Menswear
Spoiler: show
For DSquared2, life’s a party — and a ghoulish one if you take dripping blood from bared skin as a fashionable accessory. The star for this basic line of cool denim was Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of the German rock band Tokio Hotel, who strode the runway wearing a pair of huge black wings.

JustJared - Bill Kaulitz Walks DSquared2 Runway Show

Buzzworthy - Bill Kaulitz Opens Dsquared Fashion Show In Milan, Makes The Pages Of 'WWD'

Celebrity Gossip - Bill Kaulitz Rocks Dsquared2 Show

Romagnanoi.it - Bill is going to wear that outfit for the tour.

Gala.de - DSquared2 gives you wings
translation by LOVETH-MUSIC.COM
Spoiler: show
DSquared2 gives you wings
Another Angel on the catwalk – but this time it isn’t Heidi Klum and the Label isn’t named Victoria’s Secret: Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel is running for DSquared2 at the Fashion Week in Milan.

That must have been quite a spectacle to the taste of Bill Kaulitz: At the fashion week in milan, the Tokio Hotel Singer ran along the catwalk for the label DSquared2 – and reminded us of a dark reincarnation of our Victoria’s-Secret-favorite Heidi Klum.

The Designer-Twins Dan and Dean Caten staged their show in the style of the “Rocky Horror Show” and appeared az the end in blood-stained blue overalls on the side of their celebrity models. Bill presented a cool leather outfit with tight pants, silver jewelry and plenty of Rivets. The Special eye-catcher, however, were the black wings that the 20-year-old carried on his shoulders.

Recently, Bill Kaulitz has revealed in an interview with “GQ” that he would like to design his own Collection – maybe the guys from DSquared2 in Milan can give him some Tips?

Spiegel.de - Bill Kaulitz, the Angel of Milan
translation by LOVETH-MUSIC.COM
Spoiler: show
Bill Kaulitz, the Angel of Milan
He likes to paint his nails, iridescent Make-up, skinny jeans and Pumps. Now Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel strolled along the catwalk in Milan. At the Fashion Week, he flew as a fashion angel with feather wings.

Hamburg – He is primarily a singer, but it seems like he also found his passion in Fashion: Bill Kaulitz walked over the catwalk at the Fashion Week in Milan with Angel wings made of black feathers – for the label DSquared2 of the Designers Dean and Dan Caten.

To the delight of a lot of fans the frontman of the german Band Tokio Hotel opened the show of the canadian label. Dressed in black nappa leather, with lush epaulettes made of black feathers on the shoulders Kaulitz earned – on the last day of the fashion week in Milan “Milano Moda Uomo” for Winter 2010/2011 – a lot of applause.

“An angel in black”, the italian media commented excited. Bill confessed that he was a little nervous, altough his twin brother Tom was sitting in the first row. “It was my first time on the Catwalk and I was really nervous”.

Was this a unique excursion into the world of fashion? Nothing is known about the further Model-Career of the 20-year old. Just that he’ll stay the absolute opposite to his Twin brother Tom when it comes to fashion: While the frontman of the Band loves to paint his nails, make-up, skinny jeans and high heels, Tom prefers the Baggy-Look.

In an Interview with the magazine “GQ” the two brothers declared that they don’t like each others styles. “It’s true that we find the style of the other pretty shitty”, said Bill.

promipranger.de - Bill Kaulitz is now a Top Model - On the catwalk for "Dsquared2 in Milan!
Google translation
Spoiler: show
Bill Kaulitz is now a Top Model - On the catwalk for "Dsquared2 in Milan!

Bill Kaulitz as "Dark Angel" - Avenger of the hungry men models!

Finally, the explanation of the extremely skinny frame of Bill Kaulitz. The boy wanted to become a top model and could be secretly so no more complaining with calories.
After his photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, the Tokio Hotel singer 'shocked' for a second time the fashion world. At the Milan men's fashion weeks he was allowed to strut for the extremely trendy fashion label Dsquared2 "on the catwalk.

Picture caption: With this outfit and in this scene, Bill goes beyond the limits of reality ....

It looks great! Like a dark angel who just escaped purgatory and now must spend his remaining time on earth. Completely awesome! Honestly, I find the outfit really mega genial. The designers of Dsquared2 couldn't find a better "celebrity model" to engage for their fashion show. The Pottschalk would not really be surprised if the clothes weren't not only tailored to Bill's body, but has also been inspired by him.

Bill Kaulitz really deserves all the laurels, because for me he is almost something like a "modern" mythical creatures and it is exactly what fascinates me about him and so now gibts auch nen video of the show:

Vogue Gallery - Dsquared Fashion Show

DW-World - Tokio Hotel y la alta moda en Milán

hola Spain - Bill Kaulitz, 'Tokio Hotel', de los escenarios a la pasarela

BZ- Berliner Zeitung - Bill from Tokio Hotel is now a model

Krone.at - Tokio Hotel Singer Bill Kaulitz models in Milan



More pics to come later and videos too!
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18 January 2010 @ 04:31 pm

“Tokio Hotel at Sanremo 2010! – Guests of February 19th show!” How announced Friday evening on the official Italian website, here the big surprise for all the italian fans of the band: Tokio Hotel will be honor guests of 2010 edition of Sanremo Festival!

Exactly, Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg will be on the historic Ariston stage Friday February 19th!

Unmissable opportunity for Tokio Hotel to enter in the houses of all italians with their music and their notes and for all the italian fans will show live to in a national TV, with an huge audience what it means to be fans of TH in Italy!

So do not make commitments for February 19th: we’ll waiting for you at Sanremo, in the Ariston theatre and in the streets of the city: we’ll try to organize a memorable performance for you all!

Anyway, stay tuned on the official italian website to follow the updates that we’ll put online when we’ll have much details, and to know the initiatives that we’ll organize.